Woman Electric Chest Breast Massager Magic Vibrating Breast Massage Bra



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Woman Electric Chest Breast Massager Breast Enhancer Grow Bigger Machine Magic Vibrating Breast Massage Bra
The health and beauty of breasts require your care. Use the breast massage bra for the breasts. It is easy to bodybuilding and health care to make you more attractive.
Breast massage bra is a bra-shaped massager. Each time they "wear" for 30 minutes, under the dual effects of physical massage and far-infrared heating, it effectively improves the elasticity of the chest knot tissue, stimulates the growth and enlargement of breast fat cells, and accelerates breast blood circulation, while preventing the chest sagging, relaxing, lifting, tight chest.
1, Scientific ergonomic design, in line with the chest physiological curve, suitable for adults' physique, simulation people kneading.
2, The use of physical massage to exercise and dredge the principle of stimulating the breast, can regulate the body's endocrine and produce chest muscle movement, thereby stimulating the growth and increase of fat cells in the breast, so that make flat small breasts full, let the loose and drooping breasts become strong and sturdy. 
3, Far-infrared heating, activate the vitality of breast tissue, increase the production of estrogen in the body, accelerate breast blood circulation, prevent breast disease, and have an auxiliary role in breast disease.
4, Does not contain any hormones, without any side effects.

1. Make the breasts of women with flat breasts, small breasts and stunted breasts swell and plump, keep the breasts healthy, and keep the breasts full.
2, Let loose, droop, atrophy of the breast after giving birth and losing weight restore flexibility, full and upright.
3, Prevent menstrual syndrome and other menstrual syndrome.
4, Effectively improve the chest microcirculation, dredge the meridians, enhance immunity.

Size: Small – Suitable for A-B cups. Large – suitable for C-D cups.
Plug:EU Plug

1.Please allow 1-3 cm differs due to manual measurement.
2.Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not show the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understanding.

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1 x Breast Massage Bra
1 x Hand-held Control
1 x English Instructions