Wax Seal Stamp Melting Glue Gun For Sealing Wax Stamps Envelope



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100% Brand new and high quality
Built-in security fuse, the automatic thermostat designed to prevent overheating
Heating up fast, only need  3-5 minutes
Independent of voltage fluctuation limit, between 100-240W can be used normally
Suitable for hobby, craft projects, wedding and party invitations
Ideal for decorating envelopes, parcels, invitations
Type:US Plug
Size: 18.00*16.00*3.50cm
Color: White
Material: Plastic
How to use:
Push the seal wax into the barrel of the gun from its Tail
Plug in the power, heating the seal wax gun for 3-5 minutes
Close the switch, pulled the trigger,  control the wax content
Press down the sealing wax seal, it is ok
When working, the temperature of the glue gun will higher than 150 ° C, do not to touch
Placed out of reach of children
Use diameter 11-11.5 mm sealing wax stick directly. If the size does not match, sealing wax may counterflow, cause damage to the glue gun
Because of the glue gun is the use of high temperature ceramic heating element, if you don't use it over 15 minutes, please cut off the power

Package Content:

1x Sealing Wax Glue Gun