Waterproof Matt Liquid Lipstick Moisturize Smooth Long Lasting Lip Gloss



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Waterproof Matte Liquid Lipstick Moisturizer Smooth Lip Stick Long Lasting Lip Gloss Beauty Makeup

Long Lasting Waterproof Matte Liquid Lipstick Moisturizer Smooth Lip Stick Lip Gloss Cosmetic Tool


1, Multicolor selection, a variety of style and color to choose
2, Long lasting moisturizing lip gloss ,shiny and bright
3, Waterproof ,not stained cup ,no color fade
4, They can be used together and create personalized lip 
5, Independent packing, convenient to carry and use


Material: liquid lipstick
Color: 37 color optional
Net weight: 6ml / pc
Weight: 23g/ pc
Size: length about 116 mm / 4.57 in

The 1-15 color number is the base matt color system;
The 16-25 color number is metal color system;
The 41-52 color number is naked color system;

Product usage:
Firstly, we must clean lips before putting lipstick, then coated with ointment crack, it has the function to prevent the lip crack and protect the lip, in order to better makeup or cover the lips outline.

Secondly, use a lip pencil to make an ideal outline line, lips needs to naturally relax, so you can better observe the lip line shape. Drawing in the order of the upper and lower lips, when drawing the upper lip you need to close your mouth and draw from the center to the sides. when drawing the upper lip, from the sides to the center. If you do not want to highlight the lip shape, it may not draw lip line. Hold lip balm or lip brush with your thumb and forefinger, let the little finger press on the chin, so that the handle is fixed and supported, painted lips hill and the lower lip of the central area, to determine the lips thickness.

Then, smear the lips from both sides of the upper lip to the lips first, then smear the lips from the sides of the lower lip to the lips. At this time, the lips are slightly stretched to draw a more perfect line. Pay attention to the balance between the left and right sides. After finishing, apply gradually to the inside until all of them are covered. Gently press the lips with paper to remove excess oil. When pressing,slightly stretch your lips, the effect can reach the inside of the lips. Smear lip gloss on the center of your lips, or a silver lipstick with an emphasis on the effect, so that the lips are more plump.

Package Content:

1 X Lip Gloss