W90 RTL8188ETV 150Mbps USB Wireless WiFi Receiver Adapter Network Card



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11N technology, 150M wireless transmission rate
Using the latest wireless transmission technology, the highest wireless transmission rate up to 150Mbps, LAN data transmission more efficient and effective to reduce network latency, so that voice and video, online games, online demand more smoothly.
With 1 x 1 MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) architecture, external intelligent omni-directional antenna, multi-signal transmission and reception, can greatly enhance its wireless reception capability, and enhance the stability of wireless signals.
Also uses the CCA (Clear Channel Assessment) empty channel detection technology, in the detection of the surrounding wireless signal interference, can automatically adjust the bandwidth mode, to avoid channel interference, the wireless signal more stable. When the interference disappears, but also automatically bundled idle channel, take full advantage of channel bundling advantages, enhance wireless performance.
Analog AP function, easy to set up wireless local area network

In the absence of a wireless router / AP, the wireless card into the computer, and switch to the access point mode, then it is equivalent to a wireless AP, can support multiple computers Wi-Fi sharing Internet.


Weight: 11g

Wireless transmission rate: 15Mbps

Package Content:

1 x Wireless Network Card