USB Charging LCD Spot Remover Pen Tattoo Freckle Removal Machine Beauty Kit



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USB Charging LCD Spot Remover Pen Tattoo Freckle Removal Machine for Beauty Skin Care Salon Tools
It adopts the German ionization technology, so you can't feel the existence of electric current.
It can quickly remove skin vegetation without pain, anesthesia and bleeding. 
Laser electroacupuncture can remove spots with no bleeding and no scar, so please use it freely. 
After finishing one hour, to apply repair paster or anti-inflammatory cream. The repair paster should be applied 2-3 times a day. Try not to touch water, wash too hard in 30 days, wipe hard make the skin off artificially. After finishing, to smear once a night before going to bed at night.

Power: USB charging, global voltage. 
Battery Capacity: 2200mA 
Size: 180*35*35mm/7.08*1.3*1.3" 
Color: Rose Gold Color/Gold Color 
Effect: removing spots, nevus, removing granulation, melanin and tattoos. 

Using Method:
1.For the sensitive patients, alcoholic cotton can be used to remove the grease from the skin before removing pain.(pigskin test equipment is recommended for initial use.) 
2.Apply anesthetics to the cleaning points (if the pain-tolerant person can also not apply), wrap the film (do not wrap the film will dry out and the effect is not good), and wipe off the ointment after 25 minutes.(to wait for the ointment to take effect and then wipe off) 
3.Turn on and adjust the position of the pen point according to the requirement. The machine will emit small sparks.(to contact the skin or conductor will emit sparks.) 
4.To remove small and light speckled spots, please use the smaller gear. As for larger area, please use large gear to operate. Or according to different areas and the removing parts of the bad degree, choose different gear and needle replacement. It is recommended that bad parts like green beans or soybeans, or very stubborn parts, please use thick needles and large gear. 
5.Gently sweep back and forth in the spot, carbonization can not stay too long in one place and sweep is ok in order to avoid burning the dermis. When the speckle layer is thicker, the tip of the pen is tilted and operated in small gear. The one pain is slightly noticeable and slow. Second and third gear pain reduced. The bigger the gear, the faster the speed, remember not to tie hard in the spot, just gently "circle" or "sweep back and forth". 
6.The area exceeds 3CM/1.1", the number of pointing can not be completed at one time. 
7.After the cotton swab wipe off the dots, please take a small amount of repair fluid or anti-inflammatory coating in the wound within 24 hours to 5 days to avoid contacting with water. 

Care Nursing:
1.Do not expose to sunlight, otherwise you may leave black prints. 
2.When the scab is itchy (tender meat growth period), do not use your hands to scab for 20-30 days. 
3.Do not use effective and stimulating skin care products, such as whitening facial mask, toner and so. Only to use the nourishing type, such as aloe gel, nourishing cream, pure water replenishing mask, pure sunscreen cream and so on.
4.Food: Eat less or with no food colored, oil, do not eat spicy and stimulating food, try not to drink. 

1.Please allow 1-3mm differs due to manual measurement.
2.Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not show the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understanding.

Package Content:

1 x USB Charging Line

1 x Velvet Storage Bag(random color)

5 x Fine Needles

1 x Host

1x Needle Cover

1 x Thick Needle

1 x Manual