Stainless Steel Watch Bottom Cover Pry Knife Back Cover Opener Repair Tool



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Stainless Steel Watch Bottom Cover Pry Knife Long Handle Watch Back Cover Opener Repair Tool
Function: Pry the watch back cover(bottom cover)
Specifications: Knife length 115mm/4.53 in, handle width 15mm/ 0.59in, handle thickness 5mm/0.2in, blade thickness of about 0.2mm/0.01in
Weight: 24g
Material: Stainless steel

Method of use: Put the pry knife on a special pry mouth, force can be turned outwards.

Prevent slipping method:
Please use a piece of cloth wrapped around the watch to prevent hand skidding, and the other can put a piece of tape at the knife to prevent slipping the cover get scratches.

The bottom of the watch is usually three kinds:
1. Tooth bottom (bottom cover is composed of a small number of teeth). Such a bottom cover must be round, good waterproof performance. High-end watches such as Rolex, Tito and so on for the bottom cover.
2. Screws at the end (bottom cover usually has 6 small recesses, very few only 2 small recesses). Such a bottom cover must be a round bottom, the middle and high grade table is generally the bottom cover.
3. Ordinary bottom (usually in the bottom cover of 7 or 11 words have a small special pilot pry. In addition to some pry pry mouth, there are six small recesses on the bottom cover, this is a false screw bottom). Such a bottom cover for the round bottom or square bottom, it is common for middle and low watch, a few high-end watch can be seen.

Package Content:

1 X Pry Knife