Soft Safe Silicone Funny Fruit Baby Pacifier Kids Feeding Soother Nipple Feeder Tool Teat Pacifier Bottles



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Soft Safe Silicone Funny Fruit Baby Pacifier Kids Feeding Soother Nipple Feeder Tool Teat Pacifier Bottles

1. Absorb all kinds of food except for milk, fully balance nutrition and baby has healthy growth.
2. Guide your baby to eat on his own initiative and cultivate his independence and self-confidence from an early age.
3. Promote baby vision, smell, taste and tactile development, effectively enlighten the baby taste development and fundamentally prevent the baby from eating.
4. To meet the needs of baby salivary enzyme proliferation and supplementary food, meet the baby's nature to eat.
5. Chewing affects the muscles of the head and facial muscles, increases the blood circulation of the head, promotes the development of the brain.
6. Exercises the flexibility of the baby's gums and tongue, relieves the discomfort of the baby's teeth, promotes the baby's tooth emergence. It's good to lay a good foundation for the baby to speak in advance.
7. Exercise baby's sucking ability, improve vital capacity and promote baby's body development.
8. Help your baby sense all kinds of food and the world with his mouth.
9. Silicone mesh bag, moderate mesh hole, safe and comfortable.

Material: silicone strainer net, PP treatment
Color: yellow
Size: S
Suitable age: S(3 months above)

Directions for use:
1. Cut the fruits and vegetables, meat and other food  into strips or flakes.
2. Open silicone filter.
3. Put food into the filter mesh.
4. Fasten handle to let the baby to enjoy food.
5. After using, pour out food dregs.

1. Clean the product and sterilize by steam or boiling for 3-5 minutes before using.
2. Water should be sufficient when boiling and sterilizing to avoid distortion of product components in contact with high temperature pan bottom or edge.
3. When put vegetables, meat and fruit foods, you should remove nuts, bones and other hard objects.
4. It must be used under adult's custody.
5. The color and shape of this product shall be in kind.

Package Content:

1 X Baby Pacifier

1 X Spare Pacifier Bag