Silicone Female Cherry Kegel Ball Vaginal Tight Exercise Shrink Vagina Ball



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Silicone Female Smart Ball Cherry Kegel Ball Vaginal Tight Exercise Shrink Vagina Balls Women Masturbation Sex Toy
1. The vagina ball exercises the vagina through the principle of the Koegel movement, and the contraction force of the vagina is restored to the prenatal stage.
2. The vaginal ball can gradually restore the feminine vagina.
3. Cherry shape design are small and cute, and they can improve the quality of sexual life.

Material: Silicone
Ball diameter: 35mm/1.37''
Length: 175mm/6.88''

Operation Manual:
1. Find your own PC muscle. It only needs to stop urinating when you are in the bathroom. At this time, the muscles of the pudendum are PC muscles. After finding it, you can use the ball to carry out different exercise plans.
2. Put into the Shrink Vaginal ball. For the first time, a small amount of water soluble lubricant can be applied to the front of the ball.
3. Lie down on your body, relax your spirit and push the ball slightly into your body. If there are some difficulties, try to lift the pelvis gently and push it again.
4. If there are difficulties, lubricants can be used.

Please allow slight size differs due to manual measurement.
Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not show the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understand.

Package Content:

1 x Shrink Vagina Ball