Self-heating Magnet Belt Lumbar Support Portable Support Back Brace Support Belt Magnetic Corset Back Waist Brace 71CM-84CM



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Not only can be used in winter, also suitable for motion waist support, designed with self-heating function, can eliminate the dewlap of waist and abdomen and relieve lumbar disc herniation, very practical and universal for man and woman.
With 8 magnetitum at the waist and tummy respectively
Excellent elasticity and light weight to wear, suitable for all kinds of body type
Principle: In the excitation of human body temperature, heat-sensitive materials immediately react and give off heat through transferring catalytic process. In the growth of heat energy, far-infrared anion penetrates into deep skin, decompose lipid peroxide and eliminate the harmful substances through the sweat and urine, expanding blood vessels, promoting blood circulation, activating cells and adjusting nerve.
Daily health care–Directly put the self-heating parts of the waistband close to your waist, far infrared, magnet therapy and self-heating functions gradually come into effect, meanwhile, you will feel slight warm and stinging.
Fast high temperature hot moxibustion therapy–If you need to use high temperature hot moxibustion function quickly, wet the self-heating part and wrap on your waist. After 15-30 minutes, you will feel evident hyperpyrexia, meantime, thermal moxibustion point play strong acupuncture efficacy, then skin will produce stinging feeling accordingly.
Prohibited Group: Pregnant woman, malignant tumor patients, varicose veins, internal metal auxiliary instrument carriers (except teeth metal). A few of sensitive crowd may appear skin burning sensation when using, it is a normal situation and won't damage the skin.
Material: Import T cloth + import OK cloth + magnetitum + functional cloth
Size(M): Approx.14cm(waist width)*11cm(Abdominal width)*105cm(Total Length)
Suitable for waist around 71CM-84CM
Color: Beige

Package Content:

1 x Self-heating Magnet Waistband