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Baby Safe Nano Silicone Teether Children Cartoon Training Toothbrush Dental Care

Safe Nano Silver Silicone Teether Children Nursing Training Toothbrush Dental Care

Name: baby training silicone toothbrush
Applicable age: more than 6 months baby
Color: as shown
Bristle: food grade active silica gel, temperature resistance 120℃
External handle: food grade active silica gel, temperature resistance 120℃
Internal handle: polypropylene, temperature resistance 120℃
Safety protection slice: food grade active silica gel, temperature resistance 120℃

Product introduction:
1. When baby starts teething, the gum seems uncomfortable. They would like to bite something into the mouth.
2. This toothbrush alleviates the discomfort of the baby during teething, and helps the baby to chew and bite.
3. It is good and healthy for baby teeth! Let the baby love brushing teeth.

1. Moderate softness and good grip;
2. Toothbrush's tip is treated with special grinding. It is smooth and elastic. It is beneficial for the baby to clean mouth and massage the gums.
3. Attached safety baffle slice to prevent the toothbrush from being overly deep into the mouth, and can also be taken off according to the actual needs.
4. Light and lovely shape, and the material is not easy to deform.

1. Before using, please sterilize with hot water to ensure clean.
2. If you want to take off the safety baffle slice, please pull it up directly.
3. Please avoid using it as a teether fixer.

Package Content:

1 X toothbrush