Professional Badger Hair Shaving Brush Black Bowl Stainless Steel Stand



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1. High Quality with an Elegant and Sturdy Construction
2. Shaving Brush stands prolong the life of your brush and allow the Bristles to drip dry Naturally

3. Ideal for home, outdoor, travel, personal and professional use.

Net weight:~220g
Length(Brush):~3.8 inch
Dia.(Brush):~1.3 inch
Length(Razor):~4.3 inch
Dia.(Bowl):~6.5 cm

Height(Stand):~12.5 cm

Shaving tips:
Use hot water to soften the beard before shaving 1, so the pores open and clean the skin.
2. dip Shaving Shaving oil or shaving cream to make the process smoother and protects the skin.
3. Use shaving cream, rub at least 20 seconds to make it bubbly.
4. badger hair shaving brush beard move, so as not to close to the face and soften beard.
5. The selection of a good texture razor, its grip has a proper weight and good balance.
scraping along the direction of beard growth, if the reverse shaving
razor will cause damage and has the potential to grow the beard to the
If the throat and face beard growth direction opposite to, for example, grow up, then it must be up shaving.
7. Do not impose heavy pressure on the razor, razor may cause damage and skin irritation. Just gently slide the razor to the face can be.
8. After shaving rinse with cold water to help shrink pores. Prohibit the use of the product after shaving all alcoholic class.
9. Wan accidentally scratched, use a damp Ming Fan Stone or lip balm to help stop bleeding.
10. Finally rinse shaving brush control to the water, the bristles down on the rack to dry shaving.


Package Content:

Package Content:
1 x Razor
1 x Brush
1 x Brush Stand
1 x Plactic bowl