Newborn Appease Plush Rattles Toy With Campanula Musical Soft Comfort Hanging Bed Doll Rattle Baby Gift



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Newborn Plush Hanging Bed Animal Dolls Appease Comfort Toy Baby Gifts
Baby Plush Hanging Bed Appease Dolls Rattles Grasping Toy Kids Gift

1.The design of the product is clear, the style is novel and the color is bright.
2.Greatly improve and cultivate children's practical operation ability.
3.Improve children's cognitive ability, sorting ability, so as to stimulate children's imagination and interest in learning.
4.Training children hand-eye coordination,logical thinking, imagination.
5.Training children hand,eye,brain coordination and improve the stability of hand gross motor and fine motor.
6.Cultivation of children's endurance and concentration.
7.Enhancing brain thinking and epencephal balance,stimulating. 
8.Motivate children's potential creativity.
9.This product has no wind chime function, have music function.

Size: 280 x 235 x 70mm/11.02" x 9.25" x 2.76"
Packing size: 230 x 180 x 70mm/9.06" x 7.09" x 2.76"
Gross weight: 125g
Net weight: 121g
Material: Plush
Suitable age: More than three months
Product packaging: PE bag
Pattern:(1)panda,(2)small wolf,(3)raccoon,(4)fox,(5)elephant,(6)lion

Package Content:

1 X Toy