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Nail Tips Extension Gel Essential Gel UV Phototherapy Nail Art Supplies 
Practical Nail Extension Glue Phototherapy Nail Essential UV Gel

Material: Gel
Color: Pink, white, transparent 
Gross weight: 25g
Net weight: 8g
Size: 5 X 3.5cm/1.96" x 1.37"
Uses: Phototherapy nail extension glue

1.Premium materials,sealed package.
2.Thin texture,shiny and transparent,good liquidity,easy to shape.
3.With a stable toughness,flexible,not easy to break.

UV Gel nail treatment procedures
1.Trimmig your own nails, remove the dead skin ,polished.
2.Remove dust,check whether the nail clean.
3.Preparing the necessary supplies of gel nail,such as: UV gel lamp,UV gel pen,wash pen,small cup quick-drying water and so on.
4.Primer glue,be careful not to apply to the skin and fingers, if accidentally painted please gently wipe with stick roll cotton.
5.Put into the UV nail lamp baked 2-4 minutes,when out with quick-drying water to remove the unroasted portion.
6.The finger holder,coated with extension gel,and then put into the UV nial lamp baked 2-4 minutes
7.With quick-drying water to wipe the part did not roast, polish the nail shape they need, and then remove the dust.
8.With the color sequins dip transparent UV gel nail do your favorite shape,painting color,and then put into the UV gel nail lamp baked 2-4 minutes.
9.Wiping with a quick dry water did not roast the dry part, polished smooth,and remove the dust.
10.Sealing the top layer of gel,and then put into the UV gel nail lamp baked 2-4 minutes,complete.

Package Content:

1 X Extension Gel