Music Blanket Musical Learning Mat Colorful Cartoon Cute Dog Mats Baby Toys



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Music Blanket Musical Learning Mat Colorful Cartoon Cute Dog Mats Baby Toys Music Carpet Touch Toy
1. Baby in 3-6 months, the mother can set the baby to kick on the bed.
2. 7-12 months, let the baby use the hand to explore the key on the mat.
3. 13-24 months, you can get your baby to stand on it with foot.

1. The hands and feet are used to promote the development of the baby's mind.
2. Musical music fully exercises the development of the children's auditory system, helps the children to recognize the musical instruments, and develops the aesthetic sense of music.
3. Flexible operation and control of the leg, exercise large muscle development, improve the coordination of the body.
4. It helps children to recognize animals and help exercise hand eye coordination.

Product material: cloth
Product size: approx.715*480*20mm/28.14*18.89*0.78''
Package size: approx.370*275*45mm/14.56*10.82*1.77''
Product packaging: PE bag
Net weight: approx.226g
Gross weight: approx. 235g
Suitable for age: more than 3 month
Product number: Russian YQ3112

Cleaning Method:
1. First unscrew the screw behind the switch.
2. Open the back of the switch to reveal the back of the circuit.
3. Take the entire printed circuit out of the opening gently, and be careful not to break the wire in the process.
4. Until the "core" of the entire printed circuit drawing out, and leveled to be set up.
5. After taking out, the "quilt" and "core" should be completely separate two parts.
6. The "quilt" part can be washed directly with water or put into the washing machine.
7. After washing, dry.
8. According to previous steps and turn back in the "core", and "core control" in the "quilt" inside the flat, then it will not affect the use of keys.
9. When the printed circuit diagram is installed, the back cover panel is placed on the positive position, and then the screw is screwed.

Please allow 1-3cm differs due to manual measurement.
Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not show the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understanding.

Package Content:

1 x Music Blanket