Multifunctional Adjustable Baby Sling Portable Ergonomic Infant Wrap Carrier Backpack Care Tool Breathable 3D Mesh Kids Kangaroo



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Comfortable Solid Adjustable Baby Infant Wrap Sling Backpacks Carrier

Comfortable Solid Prevent O-Type Legs Baby Infant Wrap Sling Backpacks Carrier

Material: environmentally friendly breathable mesh cloth
Function: front holding type, front facing type, face to face type, back type
Applicable age: 2-36 months
Carrying capacity: 20kg
Snap ring: reinforcement single touch back buckle

Pad: bottom double layer design

1. Unique design allows the baby to prefer to seat inside and has adjustable side openings.
2. Baby sitting in front of her mother and the size of space can be adjusted.
3. Ergonomic shoulder straps can guarantee weight balance.
4. More comfortable posture for 4 months – 12 months baby
5. Ultra wide thickening V-shaped shoulder strap to reduce shoulder burden
6. Adjustable zipper; adjustable shoulder strap can meet the depth of the baby's physical use
7. Breathable material: used in the abdomen and hips and feel comfortable

1. Shoulder strap adopts "X" type method, can prevent the shoulder strap from slipping, so as to avoid accidental injury to the baby;
2. Tensile fastener(instantaneous force) is strong, not easy to break or fall off;

1. Be sure to check that all buckles and fasteners are safe and the straps are correct. And then you can use.
2. Pay attention if you bend forward or have movement, please be careful.

Package Content:

1 X Baby Carrier