Multifunction watch jewelry box black PU leather watch box high-end watch d



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Product parameters
Product Name: 8 Table Ring Jewelry Storage Box
Product color: black
Material: black PU leather / glass / metal word lock / gray short plush
Product Size: 30 * 20 * 8cm
Product gross weight: about 1200g
Product Usage: Watch jewelry storage and display
1. High-grade leather, PU leather imported high quality raw materials, feel comfortable, wear-resistant, do not fade, no deformation, acid corrosion, perennial use is still bright as new
2 precision car line, neat and sophisticated car suture is the product more perfect
3. High-grade hardware accessories, Guangdong goods, bright color, no rust, no fading, with key and lock, you can lock
4. High-quality suede, selected high-quality flannel, suede feel very soft and delicate, improve the grade, carefully care for your watch

Package Content:

Jewelry storage box * 1