Mixing Color Crystal Fluffy Slime Kids Modeling Clay Scented Sludge Stress Relief DIY Toy Children Birthday Xmas Gift



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Mixing Color Crystal Fluffy Slime Scented Sludge Stress Relief DIY Toy Gift for Kids Adults


It is mixed and handmade from many kinds of materials, so they are subject to the climate (the higher the temperature is, the more likely it will get a qualitative change). 
The reason for the qualitative change is that there exists a kind of transparent glue in the product. Prolonged time or sustained high temperature will cause a layer of precipitation and water will be decomposed out. Therefore, there will be thinning and stratification of the product.

After receiving the product, if there is a thinning situation:
1. You can put some existing men's shaving foam in it, hand-mixed, which can play a role in curing (the amount of shaving foam depends on the actual situation).
2. Mix borax with water (1:50), 1-3 drops will be enough when it become playable and non-stick. (Please note that borax water msut not be added too much, otherwise the product will be hardened, and become defective!

Material: pollution-free crystal mud
Net weight: 140g
Packing: canned
Volume: 100ml

Package Content:

1 x Crystal Fluffy Slime