LCD Touch Keypad GSM GPRS APP Remote Control Home Security Alarm System Remote Control RFID card Arm Disarm



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Wireless Wired LCD Touch Keypad GSM GPRS APP Remote Control Home Security Burglar Alarm System Siren Sensor Kit(US Plug) 
1, LCD large screen blue backlight display, voice tips, convenient operation; compatible with dual network alarm, dual insurance, more safe and stable;
2, Compatible with wired and wireless, with 99 channels wireless defense zones and 4 channels wired defense zones; each defense zones has 8 types choice;
3, 4 groups of regular defense function, each group can choose week and different defense zones, realize intelligent automatic control;
4, Mobile phone APP software operation function, can be carried out through mobile phone APP software to defense and so on; Apple phone can be directly under the official platform, Android and jailbreak versions of Apple are available for download APP software "GSM Alarm";
5, Telephone function, can be directly dail or checking fees on the mainframe;
6, 6 groups of voice alarm numbers, 3 groups of elderly people asking for help to call the police numbers,6 groups of received call by message;
7, Remote monitoring, intercom, call function, built-in intercom speakers;
8, Support Fetion function, free of charge to setfor the host in remote;
9, 10s automatic recording for leave message, built-in artificial intelligence voice device, users can know the location and defense zone of the incident when receiving the alarm remotely;
10, Clock function, built-in high precision clock chip, accurate time;
11, A group signal output of often-open, can realize the remote control of household appliances;
12, Wireless intelligent learning accessories, the host can be compatible with 2262 and millions of coding;Can learn 150 remote controls and 150 detectors, different coding remote control can control the specific partition defense zones;
13, Unique black box function, accurate inquiry alarm time and defense zone number;
14, Different defense zones can dial the pre-setting combination of numbers, even if the power is off won't lose the number;
15, Power cutting won't stop device, built-in rechargeable battery, power-off will automatic convert spare batteries;

16, Wireless communication module uses dual frequency, four frequency GSM/GPRS industrial grade module, stable and reliable.


Color: White

Plug: US Plug

Package Content:

1 x Host
2 x Remote controls
1 x Wireless infrared
1pair x Wireless gate magnetics 
1 x Alarm number 
1 x Power supply