Kids Simulation Supermarket Cash Register Music Learning Electronic Toys



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Kids Simulation Supermarket Cash Register Music Learning Electronic Toys

Product features:
1. The calculator can be used in practice and the screen can really display.
2. When pressing the scanner, the small flower will emit some voice.
3. When pressing the DRAWER button, the income drawer will open.
4. Can imitate the whole operation process of the supermarket cash register;
5. Let the baby play while learning counting; can know things and learn to use calculators;

Product description:
1. Simulation cash register; digital keys really have the function of calculators;
2. Two keys have analog voice. The biggest button has music and flashes (insert the key into the money drawer and turn it left in a small circle, the money drawer is open. Press this big button, you can open the drawer.)
3. It has simulation coins, simulation bank cards and simulation scanner. (when pressing the red star, there will be sound and lights.)
4. Several simulated "goods" and simulation shopping carts;

5. Little shop assistant is on post – does mom want to buy something? Please pay before you go out.

Product material: safety and nontoxic plastic
Product size: 205x130x120mm/8.1×5.1×4.7in
Packing size: 290x150x135mm/11.4×5.9×5.3in
Product packing: PE bag
Product net weight: 308g
Product gross weight: 430g
Suitable age: over three years old
Note: You need to prepare 2 sections AA batteries.

Package Content:

1 X simulation cash register

1 X simulation shopping cart

3pcs X simulation goods

6pcs X simulation coins

1 X simulation credit card

1 X simulation drawer key