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Counting Bead Educational Toys Abacus Wire Maze Roller Coaster Wooden Baby Math Toys 


Product introduction:

Let the baby put beads from a hoop to the other end, in the process of moving, the hoop winding, the baby to start small brains, how to overcome the difficulties smoothly move the beads do. 

The toy beads have different shapes, bright colors, especially loved by children.

There is also more suitable for a small baby to play, because the beads are in the ring, can not be removed, a higher safety factor.
This is a very good puzzle toy for children. He exercised the baby's perception and perception of shape and color to a great extent. 

At the same time, the exercise of small hand coordination and thinking ability. In addition, each shape is also different, easy for children to remember and distinguish.

Educational purpose:
1. Stimulate the baby's interest in the game, to meet the baby's favorite character.
2. Parents should accompany the children to guide the baby to recognize the colorful beads and shape of the block car.
3. Let the baby to the left of the bead to the other side, in the process of moving to meet obstacles, to explain to the children, more mention a few why, to improve the development of the brain.


Product Name: Counting Bead Educational Toys
Product net weight: 379g
Gross weight: 550g
Product size: 225*180*150mm/8.86*7.09*5.91"
Packing size: 230*185*155mm/9.06*7.28*6.1"
Product packaging: colorful box
Product material: high grade beech, environmental friendly water paint
Suitable for age: three years old and above


All dimensions are manually measured, and the 1-2cm error is normal. 

All the weights also have slight errors,please understand.

Package Content:

1 X Counting Bead Educational Toys