Kids DIY Toys Cartoon Handmade Colorful Paper Plate Painting Stickers



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Product Name: DIY paper plate sticker

Product size: 180 x 180 x 20mm/7.09 x 7.09
x 0.79in

Packing size: 290 x 200 x 30mm/11.42 x
7.87 x 1.18in

Net weight: 203g

Gross weight: 318g

Product material: paper

Suitable age: over three years old

Product type: square type, round type



This toy can greatly enhance and cultivate
the children's practical hands-on ability, improve children's cognitive
ability, sorting ability, to stimulate children's imagination and learning
interest. Exercise coordination of hand, eye and brain.

Improve the stability of hand muscles;
nurturing children's endurance and concentration;

Enhance brain thinking and cerebellum
balance, stimulate children's potential creativity.

Hand brain coordination allows the baby to
easily recognize the color, enhance the baby's ability to recognize the color,
lay the foundation for the future.



Containing small parts or small balls, be
careful that kids not swallow small parts or small balls. Before and after use
this product should be promptly received, to avoid accident happen.

This product should under adult

Package Content:

10 x Colorful Paper Plate

1 x Adhesive Tape

10 x Modelling Card