Incubator Poultry Heat Lamp Infrared Bulb Light for Pet Brooder EU Plug



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Incubator Poultry Heat Lamp Infrared Bulb Light for Reptile Pet Brooder EU Plug 250W
– Suitable for piggys, puppies, kittens, chicks, ducklings, rabbits and other animals to keep warm and healthy. A great choice brooder for your young animals.
– Infra-red hard glass, durable, long life, splash-proof.
– Hangs above the chicks/livestock on 2 meter chain which is supplied for effective chick rearing.
– Fitted with 2.5m power cable with EU plug adapter.

Material: flame retardant plastic
Lamp specifications: 240V 250W E27
Bulb size: approximately 125 x 170mm/4.92 x 6.69"
Overall size: approximately 278 x 210mm/10.9 x 8.27"
Chain length: about 2m/6.56ft
Cord length: about 2.5m/8.2ft
Temperature range: 30 degrees

Package Content:

1 X Set of Infrared Bulb Heat Lamp