Gel Primer Pro Nail Salon Manicure Soak off UV LED Color Nail Gel Polish



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Gel Primer Professional Nail Art Salon Manicure Matt Base Top Soak off UV LED Color Nail Gel Polish
Keep long time, color does not change, bright color. 

Material: Base gel primer
Capacity: 10ml      
Application: nail beauty, nail spas or training.        
Size: A bottle 75*34*20mm/2.95*1.34*0.79in       
Type:1.Top Coat,2.Base Coat,3.Top Coat+Base Coat

1.Too thick smear of one layer UV nail polish may cause wrinkling.
2.Before applying UV Nail Polish, please confirm that there is no water and grease residue on the nail surface.      
3.Repeatedly smear on the nail surface or uneven force is easy to produce bubbles.        
4.Pearlescent UV nail polish can improve surface gloss after 3-5 minutes .
5.The complete front edge is conducive to UV nail polish to maintain integrity and not easy to crack.
6.Replace nail polish 7-10 days is more conducive to the healthy growth of nails.

1.Clean surface, grind.     
2.Smear, pay attention to the edge. Light 15 seconds.       
3.Smear the second times for 3 minutes.       
4.Can be coated with sealing layer (better brightness with the seal). 

1.Please allow 1-3 cm differs due to manual measurement.
2.This is the gel polishing of the coating. Because of the lighting effect and the color of your computer, the actual color may be slightly different.

Package Content:

1 x Nail Polish Gel 
or 2 x Nail Polish Gel