Flocking Soft U Shaped Air Inflatable Pillow with Eyes Cover Earplugs



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3pcs Flocking U Shaped Inflatable Pillow Neck Headrest Cushion with Eyes Cover Earplugs
3pcs Portable Flocking U Shaped Inflatable Pillow Eyes Cover Earplugs Home Travel Supplies

Material: Flocking Pillow, Polyester Eye cover, Rubber Earplugs
Weight: 45g
Size: Pillow size: 44 X 26.5 cm/17.32 X 10.43 in
Applications: Home, office, travel
Color: Pink, Grey, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Black

First, when you blowing up or deflated flat gas nozzle, pinch the mouth at the bottom of the gap will naturally open for gas flow in and out. If the air pillow is a thin film valve air nozzle, just blow into the tube 2 cm, and then inflatable can be.
Second, the deflated when the travel pillow flat on the desktop, one hand pinch flat mouth, the other hand flat travel pillow deflated, pressure in the end after it will be folded, continue to flatten with the palm of your hand deflated. If the air pillow is a thin film valve air nozzle, the pipe into the 8 cm, the gas will naturally flow out.
Third, the use of earplugs: The earpick pinched as thin strips, stuffed ears, to be slowly inflated, while hand caress earplugs bottom.

1.Please allow 1-3 cm differs due to manual measurement.
2.Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not show the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understanding.

Package Content:

1 X Flocking inflatable pillow
1 X Eye cover
2 X Earplugs