Feet Care Electric Exfoliator Pedicure Callus Skin Peeling Foot Massager



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foot wear leather device feet of water
Product Code: KM-2502

Material: ABS
2014 km-2502 launched a new rechargeable electric grinding foot exfoliating is our latest
creation. After thousands of repeated tests, the products meet international safety
standards, through CE \ ROHS and other international certification, the German design and
manufactured in China. Grinding Foot pedicure at home is an ideal tool to replace metal
spatula it safe. KM-2502 electric grinding foot rotating drum quickly and easily to remove
dead skin and rough feet cocoon, exposing the soft skin. Safe and effective alternative to
metal blade, easy to grip handle and ergonomic design, exquisite appearance, it allows you
to put it down. Body wash function, cleaner and more hygienic, can directly turn on the
water after use clean, beautiful gift box packaging, whether own use or gifts to relatives
and friends are very grade,

Package Content:

1 x grinding foot device
1 x charger
1 x cleaning brush
1 x transparent protective cover
1 x spare grinding
1 x manual
1 x gift box