Family Christmas Pajamas Set Elk Print Nightwear Adult Kids Baby Sleepwear



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Family Christmas Pajamas Set Elk Print Nightwear Adult Kids Girls Boy Mommy Baby Sleepwear
Christmas Elk Print Pattern.

Material: cotton blend
Style: dad, mom, boy, girl, baby
Color: as shown
Sleeve length: long sleeve
Season: Spring, Autumn, Winter
Size Chart:
Dad (EU Size)
NO.        Top Length          Bust*2           Sleeve Length      Pants Length         Waist*2
M         67cm(26.38in)    53cm(20.87in)   70cm(27.56in)    96cm(37.8in)       28cm(11.02in)
L         70cm(27.56in)     56cm(22.05in)   72cm(28.35in)    99cm(38.98in)     29cm(11.42in)
XL       73cm(28.74in)     59cm(23.23in)   74cm(29.13in)    102cm(40.16in)   30cm(11.81in)
XXL     76cm(29.92in)     62cm(24.41in)   76cm(29.92in)    105cm(41.34in)   31cm(12.2in)
XXXL   79cm(31.1in)       65cm(25.59in)   78cm(30.71in)    108cm(42.52in)   32cm(12.6in)

Mom (EU Size)
NO. Top Length           Bust*2             Sleeve Length        Pants Length             Waist*2
S    56cm(22.05in)   42cm(16.54in)     50cm(19.69in)        90cm(35.43in)     28cm(11.02in)
M   58cm(22.83in)   44cm(17.32in)     52cm(20.47in)         93cm(36.61in)    29cm(11.42in)
L    60cm(23.62in)   46cm(18.11in)     54cm(21.26in)         96cm(37.8in)      30cm(11.81in)
XL  62cm(24.41in)   48cm(18.9in)       56cm(22.05in)         99cm(38.98in)    31cm(12.2in)

NO.       age        Top Length         Bust*2             Sleeve Length       Pants Length       Waist*2
80      12-18M    33cm(12.99in)    26cm(10.24in)    32cm(12.6in)      41cm(16.14in)    20cm(7.87in)
90      18-24M    35cm(13.78in)    27cm(10.63in)    34cm(13.39in)    44cm(17.32in)    21cm(8.27in)
100     2-3T       37cm(14.57in)    28cm(11.02in)    36cm(14.17in)    47cm(18.5in)      22cm(8.66in)
110     3-4T       39cm(15.35in)    29cm(11.42in)    39cm(15.35in)    50cm(19.69in)    23cm(9.06in)
120     4-5T       41cm(16.14in)   30cm(11.81in)     42cm(16.54in)    53cm(20.87in)    24cm(9.45in)

NO.       age         Top Length           Bust*2          Sleeve Length     Dress Length      Waist*2
80      12-18M     32cm(12.6in)     24cm(9.45in)     27cm(10.63in)    21cm(8.27in)    20cm(7.87in)
90      18-24M     34cm(13.39in)   25cm(9.84in)     29cm(11.42in)    23cm(9.06in)    21cm(8.27in)
100     2-3T        36cm(14.17in)   26cm(10.24in)   31cm(12.2in)      25cm(9.84in)    22cm(8.66in)
110     3-4T        38cm(14.96in)   27cm(10.63in)   33cm(12.99in)    27cm(10.63in)  23cm(9.06in)
120     4-5T        40cm(15.75in)   28cm(11.02in)   35cm(13.78in)    29cm(11.42in)  24cm(9.45in)

NO.       age         Top Length        Bust*2                Sleeve Length
70      0-6M         57cm(22.44in)    24cm(9.45in)      26cm(10.24in)
80      6-12M       60cm(23.62in)    25cm(9.84in)      28cm(11.02in)
90      12-18M     63cm(24.8in)      26cm(10.24in)    30cm(11.81in)
100    18-24M     66cm(25.98in)    27cm(10.63in)    32cm(12.6in)

1. Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
2. Please allow 1-3cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.
3. EU size, please check the detail size information before purchasing. Thanks.
4. Please wash the dark and light color clothes separately.
5. Slightly color/pattern differences between batches.
6. About inch conversion, 1cm = 0.39inch.
7. Due to the different cuts and production batches, the print may be displaced, please read it carefully before purchasing.
Package Content:

1 X Long Sleeve Tops
1 X Pants
1 X Long Sleeve Tops
1 X Pants
1 X Long Sleeve Tops
1 X Pants
1 X Long Sleeve Tops
1 X Suspender Skirt
1 X Jumpsuit