Electric Guitar Chrome Socket Jack Plate for 6.35mm Plug Electrosocket TL



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1. A chrome plated recessed telecaster jack electro-socket assembly for an electric guitar.
2. This is a top quality heavy socket holder which is machine cut and chromed. 
3. The jack socket is screwed directly to the holder which has thread cut. 
4. The holder will stand around 2mm proud of the surface of the guitar and is concave.
5. A circular cutout is required in the guitar of 22mm diameter (0.85 inch). 

1. The holder is 9.5mm (0.38 inch) deep.
2. The plate is attached to the guitar by 2 wood screws (supplied).
3. This item includes the holder, jack socket and 2 screws.
4. Weight: 26.00g
5. Color: Silver

Package Content:

1 x Electric Guitar Chrome Socket Jack Plate