Elastic Hand Wrist Thumb Splint Brace Support Sprain Protector Wrap Bandage Adjustable Anti Spraine Wrist Black



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1. OK cloth has a long sticky effect, not easy to play the ball, skin-friendly warm, durable
2. The inner layer of the stretch and paste: four stretch cloth, can be closely attached to the skin surface, to avoid friction caused by blisters or damage to the skin; the middle to provide warmth: Neoprene design can be hand sweat Guidance to the bracelet High breathable surface Exhausted from the surface of the pores due to movement of the old waste material to maintain the dry wrist and breathability
3. Thumb position with spring support bar design, can strengthen the thumb tendon, in the activities of the process of force to play a supporting role
4. Ergonomic design, by the direction of the thumb to the wrist to fix the wrist position, to provide flexible flexibility of the space of the fingers, two elastic wrap around the elastic band, adjustable tightness.

Size: free size, suitable for 27cm or less wrist 
Material: OK fabric
Product use: to provide appropriate support for strained or semi-dislocated wrist joints, to reduce the burden of joint tissue rehabilitation process, to produce uniform pressure, and to provide appropriate protection

Package Content:

1 x Hand Wrist Thumb Support