Digital Scale 1000g x 0.1g Jewelry Gold Silver Coin Gram Pocket Size Herb



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1000g x 0.1g Digital Scale

Stainless steel weighing tray for easy clean up

EZ to use large buttons

Large clear easy to read display with back light

Tare/Zero feature so you can weigh items in a container


4 different weighing modes – g=grams, oz=ounces, dwt=pennyweight, ozt=troyounces

1000g capacity x 0.1g increments

35.27 oz capacity x 0.005oz increments

643.1 dwt capacity x 0.1dwt increments

32.15 ozt capacity x 0.005ozt increments

Minimum Weight Should be 1.0g or more

Weighing tray measures 2 1/2" x 3"

Scale measures 3" wide x 5" long x 3/4" thick

Operates on 2 AAA Bateries NOT included

Scale has auto shut off after approx 2 minutes to save battery life

Extra Info:
1 lb=453.59237 g=15.971203   oz
1 KG =2.20462  lb
1 oz=28.349523125  g 
1 g =0.00220462  lb

Package Content:

1 x 1000g x 0.1g Digital Electronic Jewelry Pocket Scale