Compact Bluetooth MIDI Cable Converter PC To Music Keyboard Adapter Cord



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Compact Connectors Wireless Bluetooth MIDI Cable Converter PC To Music Keyboard Adapter Cord


1. Perfect match for iOS & macOS;

2. Play your favourite MIDI controller wirelessly;

No matter produce music in the studio or play on the stage, BM1001 allows you to play with freedom and fun.

3. Low latency and full speed;

BM1001 is designed based on the award-winning chip, which brings you fast processing speed at miliseconds.

4. Works with the best music apps and games;

5. A bluetooth adapter that turns your old fashioned MIDI device into wireless;

6. Compatible
with devices that have MIDI Out port.

The adapter requires 5v power
source from the MIDI Out port, most of the MIDI devices on the market
support 5v power supply on the port. In case of need, please refer to
the user manual of the device or contact the vendor if you are not sure.

works perfectly with iOS 8.0+ and macOS Yosemite+ devices, e.g. iPhone,
iPod Touch, iPad and Macbook Pro. It requires bluetooth 4.0.

you can create music with your favourite apps on iPad or Mac with
BM1001, it supports most of the MIDI-enabled apps. e.g. GarageBand,
Cubasis, iM1 etc. You can also play those MIDI-compatible music games as


Bluetooth: BLE 4.0 GATT Compatible

Connector: MIDI in and MIDI out , DIN 5P
Power Consumption: 30mw
Supported OS OS 8.0+, macOS Yosemite+, iPad 2, iPhone 4 not support

Package Content:

1 X MIDI cable