Cartoon Animal Plush Bed Around Bumper Toy Infant Baby Early Education Gift



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Colorful Cartoon Animal Plush Bed Around Bumper Toy Infant Baby Early Education Bed Hanging Gifts
1. Bright colors – the initial growth of the eye to accept the color of the stimulus to help normal development;
2. Interesting styling – to attract the baby to move, the baby's hands and feet every move is a whole body exercise, beneficial to the rapid growth of the whole body;
3. Ring of paper – Baby toys function to stimulate the baby's hearing and other organ development;
4. Sensory development: mixing a variety of colors, sounds and textures to stimulate the baby's visual, auditory and tactile nerves;
5. Body coordination and activity functions: grasping to play the small strap at the same time, can strengthen the baby's hand muscles;
6. Imagination and creative potential: Rich colors and unique styling inspire baby's imagination and creative potential.
7. Can be around the crib or fence, cute animal shape gives the baby a good feeling of safety and partner.

Material: Plush
Product Size: 360 X 290 X 140mm/14.17 X 11.42 X 5.51 in
Packing size: 360 X 270 X 140mm/14.17 X 10.63 X 5.51 in
Packaging: PE bag
Product weight: 204g
Product gross weight: 218g
Suitable for age: Over three months

This product can be hung on the bed, baby car and so on, let the baby to observe, with hands and feet to touch the ring paper will sound, hand-held ball will shake, let the baby is curious about things, so that the baby's cognitive ability has been further improved.

Please allow 1-3 cm differs due to manual measurement.

Package Content:

1 X Bed around toy