Blue Stability Disc Balance Pad Wobble Cushion Ankle Knee Board with Pu



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A simple and easy-to-use device that can be inflated/deflated to the required thickness to help strengthen and stabilize your ankles, knees, core and shoulders.

The disc has 2 surfaces, 1 with dimples and the other with a smoother, slightly bobbled effect which can aid in the massage of the feet.

The product includes a pump and can easily be inflated to desired thickness.

Dimensions 33cm x 6cm deep (can be increased to over 15cm thick). The stability disc is sold as a single item.


  • Helps strengthen and stabilize ankles, knees, core and shoulders.
  • Improves balance, stability and agility.
  • Blue colour 2 surfaces: 1 with dimples, 1 with a smoother, slightly bobbled effect.
  • Use as an aid to self-massage.
  • Flatter than a balance pad but offers more controlled progressive exercise.

Package Content:

Balance mat * 1 + free of charge pump*1