Blessing Words Wax Paint Seal Dedicated Beeswax Envelope Sealing Stamp



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Blessing Words DIY Envelope Stamp Vintage Dedicated Beeswax Folder Sealing Seal
Retro Sealing Paint Wax Seal DIY Envelope Sealing Decor Stamp Home Supplies

1. Customs, security, banking, insurance, justice and other departments as well as tobacco packaging security, liquor packaging security, the tea industry packaging security, cosmetics packaging security
2. High-end crafts and gifts, stationery, daily necessities, craft gifts, invitations
3. Important documents, personal letters to avoid theft, as well as the sealing of an object, etc., are used to seal sealing and special seal.

Name: Blessing words paint wax seal
Material: Brass print head, wooden handle
Size: Total length: 90 mm/3.54 in, seal diameter: 25 mm/0.98 in
Style: Blessing words

Please allow a little error due to manual measurement.

Package Content:

1 X Stamp