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Visual Training Baby Bed Ornaments Infants Color Perception Toys

Unisex Kids Baby Toys Infant Crib Book Cartoon Bed Bumper Ornaments

Product material: EVA/ foam
Product net weight: 159g
Gross weight: 192g
Product size: 195x170x25mm/7.7×6.7×1.0in
Packing size: 195x170x35mm/7.7×6.7×1.4in

Product Description:
The development of children's perception is the basis for the development of thinking. From the birth of a month, children's vision will develop rapidly. Parents timely response on children visual stimulation.

1. Environmental protection high quality materials, safe and non-toxic to better care
2. Six months baby's visual cognitive activities continue to improve. Timely provide targeted visual stimulation to the baby to greatly promote their vision
3. After one year or so, the baby's ability to distinguish between subtle differences of color begins to develop. The preference for complex patterns is increasing. They promote the development of children's vision.

1. Please allow 1-3cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

2. All the weight also have slight deviation.

Package Content:

1 X color perception bed bumper toy