Baby Strollers Anti-uv Sun Canopy Umbrella Anti UV Adjustable Direction Pram Umbrella Stretch Holder Stroller Accessories



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Portable Baby Strollers Umbrella Sun Canopy Anti UV Adjustable Pram Stretch Holder Accessories

1. The umbrella clip can be bent arbitrarily; press the circular key and rotate in any direction;
2. High density silver rubber cloth  plays a very good UV protection;
3. The maximum opening of the umbrella clip can be adjusted to 3.5CM. It is suitable for all baby carriages.
4. Alloy copper sleeve is added to the joint of the umbrella pole to prevent sliding, more durable;
5. Disassembly convenience;

Umbrella material: silver rubber cloth
Skeleton material: steel
Style: straight bar
Size: umbrella radius 37.5cm / 14.8in
Color: orange

1. Remove the umbrella clip: press the black button in the middle and pull the connecting rod outward to remove the clip;

2. Installation of umbrella clip: when installing again, align the connecting rod with the slot of the clip and insert it until you hear the click;
3. Sunshade installation: align the umbrella clip with the trolley fittings, adjust to the appropriate width and clip onto the trolley fittings, then tighten the adjustment button and use it;

Package Content:

1 X strollers umbrella

1 X umbrella clip