Anti Wrinkle Gold Active Face Mask Powder Whitening Skin Care Facial Mask



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Gold Active Face Mask Powder Anti Wrinkle Moisturizing Skin Care Facial Mask
50g Anti Aging Gold Active Face Mask Powder Moisturizing Beauty Facial Mask

Ingredients: Corn starch,talcum powder,betaine,gourd extract,active gold and so on.
Net weight: 50g
Validity: 3 years
Efficacy: Lifting compact,whitening,replenishment,brighten skin
Suitable for:All skin types

1.Highly effective moisturizing and revitalizing the skin.
2.Containing active gold can effectively conditioning the skin, while achieving moisture,soft,repair the skin.Make skin moist, smooth and bright.
3.Skin moisturing,breathable protective film, can quickly penetrate the water and nutrients contained in the deep penetration of the skin,relieve skin fatigue,water shortage, make the skin delicate moisture.

After cleansing the face,take appropriate amount of water into a paste,applied to the face after 15-20 minutes and then to remove,wash with water.
Using 2-3 times a week.Membrane when adding proper amount of milk and honey,the effect will better.

Package Content:

1 X Gold Active Face Mask Powder