Adjustable Baby Sling Carriers Bag Braces Strap Oblique Holding Pouch Infant Cradle Wrap Stretchy Nursing Pouch Side Carrier



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Adjustable Baby Carrier Bag Cradle Sling Wrap Stretchy Nursing Pouch

Baby Infant Sling Carriers Bag Side Carry Braces Strap Oblique Holding Pouch

Bring your baby to a safe cradle and keep your hands relaxed;
Both are comfortable and the design promotes face-to-face contact;
One size fits all: easy to adjust to fit for parents;
Wide shoulder strap with sturdy adjustable buckle;
Super safe, perfect care and can be washed with machine.

Material: polyester fibre, cotton, rayon
Color: blue grid
Size: as shown (elastic pouch and adjustable strap)
Suitable age: 20 pounds/9.0kg newborn baby

Package Content:

1 X Baby Sling Carrier