5pcs/set Baby Interesting Shower Bath Toys Animals Swimming Water Toys Mini Rubber Water Spraying Children Toys Bath Pool Toys



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5pcs/set Baby Interesting Shower Bath Toys Mini Rubber Water Spraying Children Toys Squirters Tub Pool Toys
There are 4 models which use environmentally friendly non-toxic materials and have EN71 European standard international certificate, please rest assured to buy.

1. Cultivate children's curiosity
2. Exercise children's hands, fingertips, eyes, ears and body
3. Teach children to recognize small animals and cultivate good feelings
4. Sensory development–A variety of colorful rattle toys and crisp ringing bells can stimulate children's visual and auditory nerves while teaching babies to recognize colors
5. Physical coordination and activity function – by grasping, pinching, shaking and other game activities, it can train baby's hand-eye coordination, grasping ability and skin feeling
6. Imagination and creative potential – rich colors and various gameplay, allowing children to play endless creativity and imagination
7. Can stimulate baby's sense organs, help to develop baby's grip, and enable baby to develop and grow better
8. In addition, these toys are designed specifically for infants in terms of form, size, and function, and the physiological and psychological characteristics of infants are fully taken into consideration. They are safe and easy-to-use educational toys for infants.

Product packaging: card head + pvc bag
Product material: environmental protection material

Package Content:

5 x Baby Mini Rubber Shower Bath Toys