50PCS Diamond Tipped Coated Rotary Grinding Head Jewelry Lapidary Burrs



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·100% Brand New and High Quality.
·New 50 pieces Diamond coated rotary grinding heads / burrs in box set. (Grit 40)
·There are many shapes such as sphere, cylinder, round head cylinder, needle, flat plate, etc….. fit dremel or other brand rotary tools.
·Shank : 3mm (close to 1/8")
·Largest head size : 16mm (close to 5/8")  Smallest head size : 2.3mm (close to 3/32")
·Diamond sands : Grit 40 (coarse grit)
·Suitable for use in grind the edge of glass, tile, marble, jewlery or rock.
·Please use water for coolant if possible.

Package Content:

50 x  Diamond Coated Burrs