4pcs Textured Touch Hand Soft Training Balls Baby Develop Tactile Sense Toy



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4pcs Textured Multi Ball Set Baby Develop Tactile Sense Toy Touch Hand Soft Massage Training Balls
1. In the bud, when the teeth are not formally developed, baby will feel uncomfortable. Teether at stage 1 can be put into the refrigerator, and the cold touch can ease the swelling and pain of the teeth.
2. The second stage: at 6 months old, when the majority of babies are 6 months old, the two mandibular incisor teeth begin to grow. At this time, frozen teether should be used to massage the incisor teeth to relieve discomfort; the hard teether will massage the teeth flesh, and the uneven surface of the teether will also stimulate your baby's brain development.
3. The third stage: When baby has 4 incisors and 4 fangs, it is recommended to use a lighter and easier to grasp teether with a shape similar to a pacifier. The soft and hard textured layers both massage the teeth flesh around new growing teeth and allow baby to experience crunching.
4. The fourth stage: 1-2 years old is the period where long molars grow, solid tooth teether up to the range of large teeth should be used, and the soft and hard mixed layer can reduce the pain of large teeth growing and help to enhance dental development and exercise crunching ability.

Product material: rubber
Size: 7.5 x 7.5cm/2.95 x 2.95"
Color: as shown

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4 x Textured Baby Develop Tactile Sense Ball Toy