4 pcs FVT Mini 20A 2-4S Violent ESC Electric Speed Control for Little Bee



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20A ESC for Little Bee
fast and super light weight
Using Silabs processor and a super fast dedicated chip make these able to freewheel and brake with ease.
Oneshot enabled this is a feature that again is used by all the top FPV Drone racers throughout the world.
Easily Upgradeable with a programmer which is available seperate allows all the features and settings to be tweaked to your liking such as enable oneshot, Reverse motor and Dampning.
A programmer is recommended for the more serious racer however the default settings out the box are good to go.
Oneshot 125
Oneshot125 is a different and faster communication protocol between the flight controller and the ESC on your quadcopter. It allows the FC to send control commands to the motor quicker, therefore in theory your multirotor should perform better.
Damped mode
This feature allows your motors to respond to throttle decreases much quicker, allowing for more stable flying, and higher response to throttle decreases.
Easy upgrades
With the BLHELI software rapidly evolving, you can flash the lastest firmware using the 3pin connector and suitable USB adapter and now can be used via the cleanflight GUI please note you will need to be running the Betaflight firmware to connect via the cleanflight interface but this is a simple way of adjusting and tweaking the settings of your escs.

PCB: 4 Layer Blind Pole PCB – 3oz Pour
Mosfet: N-Channel
Input: 2-4s Lipo
Constant: 20 Amps
Burst: 30 Amps
Dimensions: 25*15*1cm
Net Weight: 28g

Package Content:

Package includes:
4 x  Electric Speed Control