30W Nail Art Salon Suction Dust Collector Machine Vacuum Cleaner Nail TOOL



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The fast and safe and odorless nail dryer can be used for drying gel on both fingernails and toenails.
Designed for professional nail salons or personal, could quickly dry UV glue / extension glue / LED glue in minutes.

100% brand new & high quality
Strong fan and stable performance to collect dust created while filing or polishing nails.
Covered with a layer of PVC leather, which gives you a soft and good feeling.
Includes 2 pieces of dust collecting bags that can be changed and washed.
Compact and lightweight design for constant travels and business trips, easy to be cleaned, used and carried.
Fan power is strong, high speed, low noise, vacuum effect is very good.
It is comfortable to use and easy to operate.
High quality materials, high strength, small deformation, durable.

Operation Step:
Place the device well and connect up power.
Turn the switch to "-", the corresponding indicator is lighting and the power is connected up properly.
Turn on the fan, put your hand on the ventilator machine, strong suction will pull the nail dust into the dust bag.
After usage, please turn the switch to "O", then cut off the power.
The dust bag can be recycled after being washed.

Material: ABS
Color: white
Size: 31*19*13cm
Rated Voltage: 100V~240V,50/60Hz
Input Power: 30W
Fan: 4000.rpm.MAX
Item Type: Nail Art Equipments

Package Content:

1 x nail vacuum cleaner
2 x dust bag