3 LED T6+XPE Zoom Waterproof Headlamp Camping Head Torch Headlight Lantern



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1. Using the latest U.S. imports CREE LED, the life expectancy of 1000000 hours;
2. Drive: intelligent digital circuit control, linear output, nominal working current: 1000mA, nominal working voltage 3.7V;
3. Shell material: aluminum alloy, high hardness rubber plastic;
4. Light treatment: Jungui three hardening, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, good, feel good, slip in place, waterproof design, O waterproof seal ring, make the product better waterproof, normal rainfall;
1 t6LED lights, with 2 focus lights, with 4 modes of lighting effects, travel safer at night;
Press type switch, 90 degree adjustable angle, more convenient to use, angle can be adjusted.


Model: 746

Net weight: 206g
Light bulb: CREE T6+2*XPE
Battery: 2*18650
Materials: aluminum alloy
Gear: 4 shift, 1 light on, 2 lights on, 3 lights on, 3 lights explosion flash
Switch: press switch
Methods: direct charging
Zoom mode: mechanical zoom
Color: golden, red, silver

Package Content:

1 X Headlamp
1 X Color box