288Pcs/Box 12 Size Transparent False Nails Clear Thin DIY Manicure Full Cover Nail Tips Acrylic Fake False Nail Stickers



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A thin film will breathe a piece of dissolved removable phototherapy nail patch full transparent false nails 288 loaded paste

Product Name: Ultra-thin matte fake nail tips
Box Size: 22.5 * 11.5 * 2.5cm
Packaging: plastic box
Quantity: 288 loaded
2015 matte transparent texture fake piece
Special Note: Due to transport a piece may come off and does not affect the use of Oh, because when you use a piece of itself to have it taken down. Baby super good quality, originally designed to place the coupling is easy to put the nail sheet breaking down

Package Content:

1 X Matte Slim fake nail tips (including 288)