24/36pcs Ingrown Toenail Straightening Clip File Paronychia Correction Tool



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1, 3n elasticity, cut freely.
2, Super thin patch.
3, Easy and painless.
4. The operation is convenient.


Project type: onychocryptosis correction tool

Optional set: #1 (24pcs), #2 (36pcs)
Total weight: About 25g
Patch width: 3mm/0.12in
Nail glue: 10g
File :about 90*20*5mm (3.54*0.79*0.2in)


The elastic diaphragm is made of high quality elastic carbon fiber with elastic 3n. 

It can be tailored to meet various needs caused by different sizes of toenails. 

Physical tension correction technology. 

After sticking on the surface of the nail, pulling force is generated by elastic sheet, which will make the nail return to normal.

The whole process is relaxed and painless. 

It is more convenient and quicker than the toenail correction device.

To ensure the healthy and stable growth of the toenails, safe and effective. Different settings are different for the treatment of ingrown toenail. 

You can make a choice according to your own situation.

The operation is very simple, do not need to pull a onychocryptosis.

Package Content:

1 X Toenail Glue
1 X Nail File
1 X Nail Patch (Bottle)