2* Car Rear View Mirror Rear-seat passenger Safety Mirror Baby Safety



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2X Car Rear View Mirror Rear-seat passenger Safety  Mirror Baby Safety Mirror for car


Rear view mirror

Pure silicone,improve product safety
Effectively reduce car accidents
Suitable for any model
Magnetic,multi-angle adjustment

Install on the inner panel(To effectively avoid car accidents)
1.270 degree wide-angle lens
2.3M tape, no trace
3.Multi-angle adjustment

Many car accidents were caused due to tear-seat passenger's carelessness of the cars passing by behind them when open the door. To reduce such tragedy caused by accidents, this product will be a warn to rear-seat passengers and help them see the road conditions clearly before they get off. It is a product with highly social responsibility. To avoid harm to kids when playing, we use 100% environmental silicone. To make it flexible enough to suit almost all cars, it's combined 3M tape with magnet, which will help you adjust your angle freely. In the meantime, it also can be a cosmetic mirror.

Application Method:

Open the box, tear 3Mtape, stick to the column B and adjust appropriate angle

Size: Approx.65*60mm/2.56"*2.36"

Product information:
Material: Silicone + Lenses

Package Content:

2 X Rear View Mirror