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1set Alginate Calcium chloride Children Growing DIY Sea Baby Multi-pattern Maker Water Baby Mold Tool
1set Kids Gifts Toys DIY Multi-patter Sea Water Baby Toys Home Decor Accessories

Children handmade toys, parent-child games toys.
Can train the kids DIY ability.

Material: Sodium Alginate + Calcium Chloride
Weight: Approx. 152g
Color: As shown
Packing size: 15 X 22 cm/5.91 X 8.66 in
Shape: (1) Sea animals, (2) Multi-graphics

1. With 10g calcium chloride and 500g water stirring well.
2. The mold soaked in water for 1 minute.
3. Take out the mold, according to your own preferences DIY the paint,
4. Put into the exchange of good calcium chloride water stop after 15 seconds and slowly shaking until completely off, soaked for about 2 minutes can be removed. You can put in water to keep, also can pick up and play. (It is recommended to put in clean water for 1 hour, and when fully solidify and then play)

Warmer tips:
1. Sodium alginate and calcium chloride non-toxic, can be used safely.
2. If any smell, wash hands after playing, it is non-toxic.
3. Pigment bottles need to squeeze to pour out, you can also unscrew the bottle.

Package Content:

1 X 1set sea baby toys