18pcs Watch Repair Kit Steel Watch Strap Chain Pin Remover Adjuster Tool



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Professional watch repair tool, the use of this tool to erase the needles to leave marks on the needle
Comes with plastic head according to different thickness of the needle to replace the corresponding plastic head.
Operation must be selected to face the movement of plastic head, so that the installation site aligned plastic head center position.
Vertical force, the intensity should be uniform, can not be blind to force.

Weight: 500g
Size: 27 X 14.5 X 4.5 cm/10.63 X 5.71 X 1.77 in
Quantity: 18pcs
Uses: Watch, watch strap remover tool
Packge included:
1pc blue remover tool,
1pc stainless steel tweezers,
1pc base,
1pc small hammer,
1pc Tweezers,
2pcs cross screwdriver,
1pc red cutting knife,
1pc waterproof paste,
1pc Microscope lens,
1pc dust cloth,
3pcs Hexagonal pin,
1pc yellow watch opener,
1pc double needle
3pcs single pin

Package Content:

18pcs X Watch repair tool