15g Hmong Inhibition Foot Ringworm Fungal Infections Tinea Psoriasis Cream



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Specification: Hose package
Net wt:1 5 g
Main Ingredients:Fischer Euphorbia Root, rhizoma smilacis glabrae,Latin title,Cortex dictamni,etc.
Dosage:For external use. After cleaning the skin, take this product apply on affected area gently for 2-3 minutes until it is absorbed by skin, 2-3 times a day.
Indications: For tinea of various types of infections caused by fungus ,tinea,psoriasis, dermatitis eczema, urticaria and other staph infections, candidiasis (fungal, fungi), E. coli has a strong inhibitory effect and can prevent skin infections.
Package included:1 x Hmong Balm
Only for external use.
This item can not instead of Medicine
Keep away from children.

Package Content:

1 x Psoriasis Cream(Boxed)