12pcs/set Waterproof Not Blooming Long Lasting Eye Liner Pencil Makeup Tool



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Super Waterproof Eyeliner can also be used as eye shadow. It is natural to dye it halo.
The canned colloid form is designed into a sharpable pen type, which eliminates the inconvenience of outdoor use.
Waterproof, sweat resistant, anti oil, the soft of the pen is moderate.
Small and convenient, easy to carry. 
The girl who is not very good at drawing eyeliner, this is a necessary product for her.


12pcs/set weight: 62g

Single weight: 5g
Single size: 155*8*8 mm/6.1*0.31*0.31"
12pcs/set size: 160*110*8 mm/6.3*4.33*0.31"
Color classification: Black
Shelf life: 3 years
Origin: China

Product efficiency:
1. Waterproof, not blooming, easy to remove, better than the counter product, affordable, easy to color, good painting.
2. It's not easy to dye bubbles, and don't worry about getting blooming to the upper eyelids.
3. Eyeliner glue pen,soft core, good painting, good to control, not easy to fail;
4. Soft texture and strong extension performance, it can depict fine lines and do not faint.

Matters needing attention:
1. Use the pen cover tightly to prevent the refill from becoming dry and hard.
2. Please place in a cool place to avoid high temperature and damp, so as to avoid deterioration. It is a chipping wooden pen.
3. When using the pencil sharpener, because the core of the pen is soft, when it is cut, it must be slowly cut off with appropriate strength, so that the core of the pen will not break easily.

Package Content:

12 x Eye Liner Pencils